Polaris snowmobile antifreeze

Buying a snowmobile is no small investment. When you put your money into a good sled, you need to make sure it will live long. Aside from the usual service check-ups, repairs, cleaning, paint refreshment and using good engine oil, you need to use good antifreeze. Antifreeze or coolant is a solution containing a mixture of water, additives and a component that serves as a base. The main agents that go into an antifreeze gel are as follows:. Methanol methyl alcohol — is the most basic alcohol compound in chemistry.

Polaris GENERAL® Maintenance

Its properties include volatile, flammable, no color and with a strong, particular smell. It can be used as antifreeze, solvent or fuel. Ethylene glycol — is a solution with high boiling point.

This makes it good as an antifreeze compound. Because it is highly toxic for humans, it is important to be dealt with properly. When ingested, it triggers symptoms similar to many diseases and it is hard to detect in the body.

Careful handling is mandatory. Propylene glycol — it is a chemical solution with lower toxic properties. This makes it popular as antifreeze.

However, it can also become very corrosive. This affects the metal components of your engine and cooling system. Glycerol — this solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive and behaves amazingly in high temperatures.

Compared to the other compounds, glycerol does not have a very low freezing point. When using antifreeze for your snowmobile, you will always mix it with water. The most common ratio is or, in some cases producers advice on During low temperature conditions, it helps lower the freezing point of a water-containing liquid. This extends to the whole engine system that operates a lot of heat transfer. In hot weather or high temperature conditions, the same antifreeze gel will help increase the boiling point of the liquid.

Putting in antifreeze into your snowmobile can be a bit of a mess, especially if you do it alone. But do not panic, it is quite easy.

You need to start by getting your sled ready. Normally the manual tells you what conditions a good antifreeze should meet.

The water-agent ratio depends on producer guideline and specifications. Pull off your lowest hose of the cooling system.Ever since, that same ingenuity and ability to Think Outside has driven Polaris and our brands forward as we pioneer product breakthroughs and enriching experiences that help people work and play outside.

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polaris snowmobile antifreeze

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polaris snowmobile antifreeze

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Learn More about the Polaris riding community Learn More. How Can We Help You? Find a Dealer.If you had a lot of antifreeze for a long time on the bearing, you will probably have problem if you're not rebuilding the crank. Over the years, I've had some Anti-freeze find its way into the Crankcase a time or two mostly due to O-rings failing and a Base gasket now and then and I either blew the case clean with Air if Possible or just dumped a fair amount of whatever Oil I happened to be using in there just to keep the Bearings Happy etc.

Then again I always got the Engine back together asap and when it sparks up all the Residue gets blown outa there anyways. Our community is FREE to join. To participate you must either login or register for an account.

COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. Login or Register Customer Service. Free Newsletter Submit. Coolant in the engine HELP!!! Order Ascending Order Descending. Member since July Hope some one can help!!!

polaris snowmobile antifreeze

Member since July From: Canada. Posted by willie on Monday, October 24, AM.

polaris snowmobile antifreeze

Could be head o-ring. Sometime, they look good, but they don't seal properly. If it's a base gasket, you should see it. Could also be the mechanic water pump seal. First, change all head o-ring. After that if you still have problem, have the mechanic seal change.

Polaris parts and service manager JG Busque inc. Saint-Georges, QC Canada. ThanksWillie I was reading the tech book looks like the engine has to come out to replace the mech seal for the pump and you need a special seal driver also!! Posted by jasper on Tuesday, October 25, PM. It could very well be the water pump seal. I've seen a couple fail after the 5, mile mark, and for some odd reason both were on 02 XC's. Also seen leaky base gaskets. Also does anyone know if you can install the grafal pistons in the older engines, heck if i am there new piston and rings should go in too.

Thanks again for the info it helps.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Sign In or create an account to earn rewards points! Does this coolant work in a ranger 6x6 my book states Polaris number Thank you for your inquiry Jose. Yes, this will work perfectly in your Ranger.

Answer this. Will this be ok for Polaris ranger crew It is a ? Thank you for your inquiry Bernie. Thank you for your inquiry Alex.

Will this coolant work for a 97 big boss with the L engine? Thank you for your inquiry Nathan. Thank you for your inquiry Lucio. And will it work in 14 rzr? Thank you for your inquiry Daniel. Yes, it is pre-mixed and is perfect for your RZR.

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Service manuals icon. Service Manuals. Lost your Polaris Snowmobile service manual? We have you covered. Service parts icon. Service Parts. Spark plugs icon. Spark Plugs. Stock up on spark plugs so you can keep your sled running smooth all season long. Tracks icon. Tracks, studs, traction control and rail accessories for all Polaris snowmobiles. Maintenance Checklist Maintenance Checklist.Winter is a holiday season and a lot of people love to enjoy the snow and sports like skiing and snowmobiling.

A variety of activities can be done using snowmobiles. However, as these machines are similar to motorcycles, overheating is a common occurrence and can raise a concern. Snowmobiles can overheat while idle when trying to warm up the engine. This phenomenon is common and does not cause any harm to the engine. Snowmobiles will continue to run if the engine is overheated a little during riding in ideal snow conditions, but beyond certain temperature limit set on an average at 0 Fthe computer will shut down the engine automatically to prevent any kind of damage to the stator of the engine.

After cooling the engine down a bit, it can function normally and provide the optimal performance, but it advised not to let the engine overheat frequently to prevent potential damage. Overheating can occur during riding even in ideal snow conditions due to several reasons.

For instance, the use of cheap insulation material for the stator coils of the engine. When the engine gets heated while riding at high speeds, the heat is retained and the stator insulation might get damaged and cause the wires inside to short circuit causing the engine failure.

Also, some snowmobiles can overheat due to improper cooling of the engine.


When running at low speeds, the engine may not drive the required power for the coolant to circulate enough and reduce the heat. Overheating is a common problem that can be caused due to a lot of reasons. So, preventing it by taking measures is advisable. But in case of the snowmobile overheating, it is possible to prevent any damage from happening to the engine. If the snowmobile overheats during idling, there is no problem.

The temperature will start dropping once the snowmobile starts throwing enough snow on the heat exchangers. In case of riding in high speeds, it is common for the engine to get overheated and waiting for 30 to 40 minutes to let the engine cool down to normal temperature will prevent all kinds of damage. But when left unattended, it can become really dangerous for both the snowmobile and the rider. Most snowmobiles are equipped with a light that indicates the engine heating status to the rider.

In some models, the light flashes from time to time if the engine is hot and is on when the engine gets overheated. This way, the rider can cool the machine down by switching it off.

But other models do not start flashing the warning light until the machine gets overheated and thus might be too late to protect the engine or other parts from getting damaged. Major damage prone areas when the engine overheats are the stator coils, engine piston, or rings.

The overheating of the pistons can cause engine seizure if not attended to after repeated overheating. It is also possible for the piston heads to break with repeated cycles of overheating causing fuel and coolant to leak.

Causing leakage of coolant due to the blowing of the coolant pipes is also possible if the coolant tubes are not checked from time to time, as frequent overheating can accumulate damage to the walls of these pipes.

Snowmobiles being similar to cars or bikes, the causes of overheating can many things. So, it is essential to make sure all the basic components are checked before looking into other causes for the overheating. It can be very trivial to check for correct quantities of engine oil, but the lack of necessary oil can cause the fuel mixture to overheat the engine and, in the process, cause the piston heads and rings to melt and finally leading to engine seizure.Does anyone know if snowmobile coolant is formulated diffently than that used in an automobile or is simply packaging to get us to pay more for less?

Another thing Peace of mind is worth the extra cost. I have used Prestone in my sleds and my street bike. It meets the specs in my service manuals, and I have not experienced any degradation of peace of mind after doing so. I don't by the pre-mix though. Yamaha recommends a mix, so I buy distilled water and mix it myself. You can run additives along with it too. I run Royal Purple Purple Ice with my daughters sled and it dropped the engine operating temperature about ten degrees. Yep, Prestone is essentially the same stuff.

As OF-2 said, it meets all the specs! Mix well before adding to the machine. I'm looking for a plan b. As if I were in a pinch could I use auto coolant.

It reminds me of when I bought my first sled and needed oil on the trail. I said I was hoping for AC oil. He said don't worry about it. Sooner or later we all put the off brand into our machines. Thanks everyone for the replies. Let's hope OVP's next post will be about an 8" snow dump this week! I'm looking for a plan b if I had to kind of situation. It reminds me off when I bought my first sled and needed oil on the trail.

I wanted AC oil and the guy at the gas station only had off brand 2 stroke. Sooner or later we all put this stuff in our machines.

Snowmobile Storage Tips - Polaris Snowmobiles

It was good advice. Thanks for the replies. Let's hope OVR's next post is about an 8" snow dump this week. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!


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